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Millsberry was my favorite game as a child and I would have wanted my own kids to play it. It taught kids how to be eco-friendly and have fun.

It was a safe environment with lots of fun and educational games. It included money and taught me about the whole buy-sell thing at a young age. It was just so much fun and I can't believe they took it down. It probably broke the hearts of many children when they "retired" Millsberry.

I'm sure their parents weren't pleased and teens can't go back and play the game that reminds them of their childhood. Bring this game back, General Mills!

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Last night I was thinking of a game I use to play when I was younger and I couldn't remember until I searched it up. I was excited that they had it.

I went to the website and it said Safari can not open the page... and I was confused so I looked around the web and showed that MillsBerry was shut down. I was sad because all the memories that I had with the game when I was young were gone because I could not relive the good times I had.

I am 19 and I wanted to feel young again but sadly could not. I will always remember the game and wish it could be up and running soon.


i miss that game even now!(x i would do anything to bring it back. :?

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Millsberry was my favorite online game as a child. I was a user that joined probably in 2005/6ish.

Many of my friends and I were members of a popular Millsberry forum and we all were devastated when we heard the news that they were closing. We put our hearts into that forum and into Millsberry.

Why, General Mills? Why did you have to shut it down?

If they had problems supporting the site, couldn't they have asked the public for help? Many of people would have given to Millsberry just to keep it running. Children, teenagers, adults... So many people want it back.

Even a year later, I still miss it. Every day I miss the forum and all my friends that left after the close.

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